Flora (Limited Edition Print),Prints,Mulganai,
Flora (Limited Edition Print),Prints,Mulganai,
Flora (Limited Edition Print),Prints,Mulganai,
Flora (Limited Edition Print),Prints,Mulganai,

Flora (Limited Edition Print)

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A mixed media piece about native flora and fauna on Country. One thing I’ve always been fascinated with is the different landscapes across this country.

I can always tell when I’m in a different part of Australia due to the change in landscape. In the cape, the dirt is red and sandy and the bush is tropical when you’re closer to the sea. The further south you go, the more the bush will change.

In the drawing there is wattle seeds, seeds and flowers from the kapok tree and salt bush. I can always tell when I’m near the beach when I start to spot salt bushes, the dirt turns light, and the landscape opens up.

When my Dad was little his nana would make pillows for him out of flowers from a Kapok tree. The seed produced a fluffy sort of inside and she would pull it from the seed and put it in material she made for him.

“Flora” mixed media watercolour and ink on paper


©️ Mulganai 2021 


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