About the artist

Emma Hollingsworth

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be an artist. My mother said before I could even walk, I was drawing on just about anything I could find- including the walls, and when I came of age, I began taking it more seriously. It took me a few years to learn and develop my own style, but eventually I reached the point where I could paint intuitively. 

My artworks tell the story of my life. I paint about things I have experienced and things that inspire me, I also paint with vibrant colours because I am inspired by how I see the world. I paint about the Land and waterways, the animals, the peoples, our traditions, and I paint about how all of those things are intrinsically connected.

My art is contemporary and it has evolved over the years. I am proud to now have my own style of creativity that tells my story and brings my culture and peoples to life through art.





Queensland Museum

My greatest accomplishment so far is having my work exhibited in the Queensland Museum, in Brisbane in 2018. This was thanks to an Indigenous artists group called 'DYA' which recognised my abilities and talents and gave me the wonderful opportunity to display my work in the museum. 



Emma is captured here with her work 'Community Dreaming' which was exhibited in the Queensland Museum in 2018.



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