The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,
The Flood (Print),Prints,Mulganai,

The Flood (Print)

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This painting represents streams, creeks, rivers and inlets. They scatter the land up on country and are part of my identity. I grew up swimming, bathing and searching for minya in them. When wet season came I would sit for ages and watch the overflowing creeks and rivers. It was a miracle I could sit still for that long as a child, but the water always calmed me and brought me peace. It does so especially now as an adult. Whenever my head gets too loud or life becomes too much I head to the water and it always does the trick.

Connecting back to country and back to the elements that the Mother provides never fails to bring me back to that inner peace within me.

©️ Mulganai 2021 



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