“Saltwater Life” Custom Backpack
“Saltwater Life” Custom Backpack

“Saltwater Life” Custom Backpack

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The artwork depicts a journey of saltwater mob along the coast to hunt for Minya Which is food. 

The backpack contains a hidden pocket within the main section. There is also a pocket on the front of the backpack and the straps are adjustable.

This custom backpack was created by me using acrylic paint on a primed surface and then set using Crystal Kote. I have done everything I can to ensure it lasts a long time and to help with that please keep the backpack out of the elements. Treat it like an artwork. If it becomes dirty, wipe with a damp cloth but avoid the artwork where you can. Even though it has been triple sprayed with a setting spray to ensure the paint doesn’t come off, it could still be rubbed or scratched off with enough force or wear. 

©️ Mulganai 2020 



Backpack is small-medium sized.